Step 1: Determine if your Guard Card is “Current” or “Expired”

Step 2: Perform whichever of the following two options applies to you:

How to Renew a “Current” CA State Guard Card (Required every 2 years)

How to Renew an “Expired” Guard Card

How to Determine if Your Guard Card status is “Current” or “Expired”

  1. Go to the CA State Guard Card Search page and determine if your guard card status with the BSIS is “Current” or “Expired.”
  2. If your guard card is “Current”, or is less than 60 days “Expired”, follow the instructions below to Renew a “Current” Guard Card.
  3. If your guard card is more than 60 days expired, follow the instructions below to Renew an “Expired” Guard Card.

How to Renew a “Current” (Non-Expired) Guard Card

There are two ways to renew a “Current” guard card:

  1. Renew Your Current” Guard Card Online
  2. Renew Your Guard Card by Mail

BSIS Training Requirement: The BSIS training requirement for renewing a current guard card is to have completed 8-hours of continuing education (CE) training annually. If you have not completed the 8-hour requirement within the last 12 months, you can take the 8-hour CE course from us: 8-Hour Annual Refresher Course.

To renew your “Current” guard card online: Your guard card has to be within 60 days of the renewal date. For example if your guard card expires Dec 31, 2022, the online renewal will be availble on Nov 1, 2022.
To renew online, go to the CA State License Registration website, at and log in. If you don’t already have a Breeze account, you will need to create one, and then log in. If you don’t have your password, you can try to retrieve it online on the Breeze website login page with the “Forgot Password and/or Username” feature, or you can call the BSIS directly at (800) 952-5210.
Once logged in to the Breeze system, and if it is within 60 days of your guard card expiring, or within 60 days after your guard card has expired, there will be a link that says “Renewable Licenses.” Follow that link to complete the renewal online. Once you pay fee, you are done with the renewal. The BSIS will mail you the new guard card.
  1. To renew your “Current” guard card by mail: Print and fill out the form linked below:
    The form contains detailed instructions on page 2. Follow the instructions to mail in the filled out form, with a check or money order for the state license renewal fee. Make sure to fill out the form correctly. The state will mail you the a new guard card.

How to Renew an Expired Guard Card

To renew an expired guard card, you have to follow the exact same 3 steps as if you never had a guard
card. The only difference is that on the CA State Security Guard Application, you need to enter your expired guard
card number. You can find that number on our Guard Card Search page.
You will be
required to submit the certificate for the 8-hour Power to Arrest (PTA) course. You can use the same one you used to
originally get your guard card if you have that, as the certificates never expire. If you don’t have the
certificate, you can obtain one by taking our 8-hour Power to Arrest
(PTA) and WMD course

You will also
be required to have your fingerprints done by Live Scan again, unless you have had it done in the last 12 months.

Also, if you have the certificates for the 32-hours of CE
 that the state of CA requires for first year guards, then you can also use
that to turn in to your employers. If not, you will also be required to take that within 6 months of getting a guard
card. Please note that many jobs require the 32 hours of certificates to be turned in up front, before they will
allow you to work, even it has been less than the 6 month state requirement.
Follow these
instructions: How to get a CA
State Guard Card
 to renew your expired guard card.